Transport Management

We offer you holistic logistics solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Transport Management

We offer you holistic logistics solutions that are tailored to your needs.

We optimize logistics

Transport organization covers a wide range of tasks. Internal processes and IT applications must meet the requirements of each individual transport task. It is necessary to adapt contracts with transport companies to your internal circumstances and to take into account the contractual requirements of the customers or suppliers. Nesslog offers you flexible, customized services that support your transport management processes exactly where you need it.


Our consultants analyze the optimization potential of processes — also with regard to existing risks. Our analyses help you identify opportunities for lower transport costs and faster delivery times, improve your planning and fulfil contractual guarantees.

Transport tenders

Data and information

Successful tenders are based on excellent preparation. That is why we consider your requirements for a transport service provider down to the smallest detail and gather all the data and information to identify the best transport companies for you.

Conduct of negotiations

Conducting negotiations requires not only a good knowledge of the market situation, but also careful consideration of legal issues. 
To ensure you do not find any unfavorable surprises in the small print, specialist lawyers for transport and forwarding law with many years of experience check your contracts on request.

Cost and performance

Boost performance and reduce your costs.

Nesslog is usually able to reduce transport costs by 10-30%. With the help of detailed service level agreements and standard operations procedures, we succeed in boosting your performance in terms of delivery times, response times, transparency and customer satisfaction. 

And if their lives are made easier, your employees will be happier.


It is a matter of course for us to make the Request for Tender so transparent for you that you are always kept informed.


If you do not want to disgruntle your current transport service provider with an invitation to tender, we will carry out your tenders even without naming our client.

Operative process control

When two people say the same thing, it does not mean that they mean the same thing.

That is why we prepare the basic concept for service level agreements and standard operations procedures during the tendering process.

To ensure that that your future transport service provider knows exactly what you expect from him and you can measure its performance.

Transition management

When you change your service provider, many tasks have to be reorganized: From the conversion of communication to data reconciliation in IT systems to the updating of process documentation. 

So many changes can quickly lead to process interruptions.

To ensure that the processes with a new transport service provider run smoothly from day one, we document all requirements for the transition and take over transition management.

In this way, you and your new transport service provider know exactly who has to do what and when. Anytime.

Process documentation

“I didn’t think that was part of the job description.”

Heard this before?

Every employee needs to know which tasks he or she should perform and how. A solid process description documents the tasks of the employees and departments and creates transparency. It is time-consuming to create and update process descriptions. To ensure that your day-to-day business is not neglected, Nesslog creates

your process description in cooperation with your teams and keeps it up to date on request. In this way, your processes are documented transparently, and your employees can focus on their day-to-day workload

Transport organization and provision

Transport organization makes many demands on a shipper. Customer requirements and internal specifications, the transport mode based on delivery time requirements and accurate documents created on time must be considered. In addition, there are customs requirements and export control guidelines.

Since these tasks represent tasks to be covered additional to the day-to-day business, all Nesslog  employees are trained in customs and export control law. 

Nesslog’s Transport Management provides you with an experienced team that handles your transport in a professional, customer-oriented, cost-efficient and transparent manner.

Benefit from our transparent reporting, which allows you to evaluate the quality of the service provided and identify potential for optimization.

This allows you to concentrate on your core business and to service your customers on time.

Invoice and cost control

Only pay for what you have ordered.

We check invoices against contracts, compare distances, volumes and surcharges with services provided.

AND: Naturally, we will point out potential savings and simulate transport scenarios to optimize your costs.

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