“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success.“

Henry Ford

A global market requires cooperation with partners. Therefore, we are constantly working on expanding our partner network.

Even competitors occasionally enjoy success through cooperation.

That is why we have an extensive network of partners that allows us to work even in places where we ourselves have no presence.

We Work Nationally And Internationally With Service Providers In:



Export Controls

As Well As With:

Our partners offer a wide range of premium quality services. You can benefit from our comprehensive expertise.

Nesslog Partners

Eder law firm based in Munich is specializing in Foreign Trade Law, Customs Law, Sales Tax VAT, Excise Duty and Criminal Tax Law.

The law firm Eder offers individual and smart solutions that go beyond legal routines. The team of experienced lawyers and consultants with practice in VAT and customs law is supported by a network of independent specialists in the EU, Asia and America. Clients appreciate that, because many repeated long-term mandates are evidence of the high quality of advice.


The Custom House

The management team of The Customs House has many years of experience in dealing with UK Customs affairs. Co-Owner Steve Cock, a former Senior Officer with UK Customs, has 35 years’ experience as a customs service provider. We from Nesslog believe our partner to be reliable, competent and very customer-oriented.

The Custom House (TCH) is based at the Inland Border Control Facility covering the Port of Dover and The Channel Tunnel. TCH facilitates imports, exports and transits through all UK ports, but specialises in trade passing through the Straits of Dover. TCH offers Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP), enabling imports without the need to submit a customs declaration prior to the arrival of the goods. Rather, declarations are submitted after the goods have arrived. This ensures that there is no potential for delay in departure and, due to the limit control on CFSP movements, the potential for port inspections are significantly reduced.

Singularity GmbH

Singularity GmbH is an ISO 27001 certified German tax compliance company directly registered with the German Federal Tax Administration and Customs.

Headquartered in Germany, the company also has physical registered subsidiaries in the UK and Dubai, as well as physical branches or offices in the EU FBA countries.

The company has a multinational workforce and a clear division into different departments to ensure a more direct and professional service.

That's What Our Customer Say:




Nesslog was commissioned by us to organize the logistics of our expansion to Switzerland. This included organizing the transport of goods to Switzerland and the distribution of goods in Switzerland, customs clearance in Germany and Switzerland as well as the management of the logistics service providers. Everything operated smoothly from day one. The results delivered by Nesslog were absolutely satisfactory. Furthermore, Nesslog offers an excellent cost-performance ratio. I want to point out the exceptional customer orientation of Nesslog. I can highly recommend Nesslog.




Joachim Nesseldreher was the key adviser to Levi Strauss Customs operations management for 3 years as a subcontractor of our 4PL. During this time, he set up a professional customs operations throughout Europe, that worked efficiently and reliably. He fully understood the needs of Levi Strauss and supported with professional expertise. As a result of a drawback he filed with Customs, Levi Strauss could receive a substantial refund of customs duties. The cooperation with Joachim Nesseldreher was very customer oriented, pleasant and successful. He was dedicated to the needs of Levi Strauss at any time.




Josh Nesseldreher managed the warehousing and transport management of Lizell Office Furniture. He has a great ability to organize, motivate and accomplish goals. He acts customer oriented in the most efficient manner. He understands to improve service levels and productivity at the same time.




Joachim Nesseldreher was supporting us on improving Oerlikon Balzers global trade control management. He evaluated – according to our needs – Software to daily check our debtors and creditors with current blacklists. Together we reviewed 5 different SW-providers and came up with a perfect solution, in regards to costs, user-friendliness and best fit for our ERP system. We were more than satisfied with his quick and professional approach and are frequently asking for his support on other logistics and trade control topics. I can recommend Joachim Nesseldreher to any company that wants to make quick and cost-efficient progress in regards to global trade control.




We have been employing the Nesslog company as a telephone service provider for years and forward calls when necessary. The service is uncomplicated, reliable and very cost-effective. The employees are very friendly, supportive and always solution-oriented.




Nesslog Expert Services GmbH has provided us with excellent support over several years in advising customers and selling cruise holidays as part of the personnel service Flexwork Remote Manpower Services. After a relatively short training period, the employees assigned to the project performed their tasks in a professional, customer-oriented and highly committed manner. The cooperation with the assigned employees and the management was very cooperative, supportive and always characterized by the will to find solutions for upcoming challenges. Particularly worth highlighting is the excellent price-performance ratio and the special customer orientation of Nesslog. As the managing partner at the time, I can only emphasize how impressed we all were, especially our sales team, with the quality of the services.