Turn legal trade barriers into competitive advantages

Many companies see legal regulations on customs as an obstacle to flexibility and efficiency. Legal regulations apply to all companies to the same extent. Leverage the experience, network and know-how of Nesslog Expert Services to improve the efficiency of your customs processes and gain competitive advantage from regulatory hurdles. With more flexibility, faster delivery times and lower costs, you can get a lead over your competitorsEvery company has its specific requirements and processes. That is why our service is as individual as your requirements. Our service starts seamlessly exactly where you need it.

Customs clearance

Like it or not, global trade requires dealing with complex international customs requirements. We pave a way for you through the maze of red tape.

Customs processing

We want to get to know you

Because we deal with your needs and processes in detail, we know your requirements and goals.

To achieve this, we implement customer-specific processes that take your requirements into account and help you to achieve your goals.

We will prepare you

Our customers have no surprises at borders. This is because Nesslog checks customs requirements to prepare documents and information to ensure smooth customs clearance.

We create transparency

We not only inform you about the expected transit times and costs of shipments, but also about if and how duties can be reduced or avoided. We will also inform you about possible delays due to compliance risks or import restrictions.

We do this at an early enough stage that you are in a position to make a self-determined decision. 

With Nesslog, you know the opportunities and risks.

Customs helpdesk

A precondition for a successful customs clearance is the knowledge of the requirements in the destination countries. One mistake is enough to cause delays lasting days or even weeks, trigger penalties and damage your reputation. We help avoid these risks.

Our helpdesk will inform you which documents are required, whether goods are eligible for preferential processing, the customs duties rates, etc.

Just ask us. We will give you a reliable answer straight away.

Available worldwide.

Trade consulting

International requirements are becoming increasingly complex and the needs of customers are becoming increasingly demanding. This makes it all the more important to know and meet compliance standards, to be informed about the import regulations in the destination countries and to have a customs organization that can implement day-to-day requirements quickly and reliably.
Nesslog supports you in aligning your trade compliance organization with global trade, identifying risks and liabilities, reducing costs and recovering overpaid duties.

During a customs inspection, irregularities were found, and you are threatened with criminal proceedings? We can provide you with experienced lawyers in customs law, foreign trade law, value added tax law and criminal tax law. Our partners have many years of experience in customs and tax administration and not only have very sound legal expertise, but also have excellent contacts within the authorities.

Tariff preferential calculation and minimization of customs duties

Free trade agreements frequently offer the possibility to import goods into a third country with reduced customs duties or even duty-free.

Nesslog helps you create the conditions for the use of tariff preferences and make optimal use of them. We check the requirements in the free trade agreements for your goods, make preferential calculations, procure supplier declarations and find the easiest way to prepare your preferential documents.

Do you send goods to a destination country without preferential treatment, which are then re-exported from there? Then our customs experts will look into the possibilities of customs duty reimbursement or suspension of customs duties (suspension procedure).

Are you sure that your customs tariff numbers are correct? If not, we will check them in order to manage the reimbursement procedure in case of excessive customs tariff rates. 


Electronic solutions for the administration of customs-related processes are becoming increasingly vital in the face of increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

A functioning customs management system is therefore essential in order to optimize and handle business processes and to achieve additional competitive advantages. Here, it is important to ensure legally compliant and cost-efficient processing.

Nesslog supports you in the further development of your ERP management system, in the adaptation of your shipping software and in the procurement of customs software solutions.

Needs analysis, specifications, conception, tender and implementation – we are there every step of the way from start to finish.

And if you wish, beyond that. 

Remote temporary support – Customs cooperation

With Flexwork – remote temporary support- we offer you the ultimate flexibility for your customs tasks. Experienced staff are available remotely to help you cover busy periods, annual leave or tasks that you cannot or do not want to handle internally, such as customs tariffing or customs refund applications.

You can schedule our employees freely according to your requirements and, if you wish, get to know them personally.

Flexwork – a service offering short notice periods and without regulatory restrictions.

Service provider management

Have you ever experienced a shipment getting stuck in customs, but instead of finding a solution everyone blames each other?

Avoiding problems is better than solving problems. Therefore, we have developed standard operations procedures with each service provider in your supply chain, i.e. we help define processes, required documents and information; we identify contact persons and ensure smooth communication. After all, everyone should know what to do and whom to contact.

And because not everyone can always fulfil their tasks, we create reporting profiles and fast-track communications.

So that tasks are completed before problems arise.

More flexibility + faster delivery times + lower costs = competitive advantage

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