Quality, flexibility and efficiency – our basis for your success.

Transportation Management Services

We Optimize Logistics

Transport organization covers a wide range of tasks. Each individual transport task has to be met by internal processes and IT applications.

It is essential to adapt contracts with transport companies in line with your internal circumstances and to take into account the contractual requirements of the customers or suppliers.

Nesslog offers you flexible, customized services that support your transport management processes exactly where they are needed.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Store your goods where they are needed

Warehousing with Nesslog means a high degree of flexibility. As we do not have our own warehouses, we source storage depots to suit your needs.


In this way, you are able to reduce costs in warehousing and transport logistics, shorten delivery times and gain maximum flexibility.

Stay flexible and responsive. Fulfillment by Nesslog.

Quality, promptness, flexibility and reliability – these attributes characterize the Fulfilment by Nesslog.

We tailor our fulfillment service to your needs – 24/7 if desired.

We put together dispatches according to individual orders, pack them securely for transport and organize the transport. When it comes to international deliveries, our customs specialists ensure smooth customs clearance.

Thanks to modern software solutions, you get full data transfer transparency.

Examples of our services

Ecommerce Development Services

We take care of your online store – from A to Z.

Our IT partners create your internet portal, our graphic designers ensure excellent web visibility and our customer care team guarantees that your customers are well looked after.

Whether it be storage, fulfillment, dispatch, returns and customs – benefit from an all-inclusive service from one sole service provider.


Are you planning a customer-specific dispatch or PR campaigns? We will store your articles until dispatch, assemble them according to your specifications and guarantee on-time delivery to your customers or to your exhibition stand.

Procurement logistics

Nesslog ensures your delivery times are respected. From your supplier’s outgoing goods department to your incoming goods department:  our transport and customs management ensures that your production team always has everything it needs.

We know what’s important.

Customs Brokerage Services and Global Trade Management

More flexibility + Faster delivery times + Lower costs = competitive advantage

Many companies see legal regulations on customs as an obstacle to flexibility and efficiency. Legal regulations apply equally to all companies.

Leverage the experience, network and know-how of Nesslog Expert Services to improve the efficiency of your customs processes and gain a competitive advantage to get you over regulatory hurdles.

With more flexibility, faster delivery times and lower costs, you can take a lead in front of your competitors.

Every company has its specific requirements and processes. This is why our service is as individual as your requirements. Our service starts seamlessly exactly where you need it.

Export Controls Services and Consulting

Efficient and proactive management –

How to master your export control challenges.

Do you have goods that are subject to export controls and for which you require export licenses? Are you not sure?

Do you have goods manufactured locally, but contain parts in which at least 25% come from the US, for example? Don’t know for sure?

Then it may be that you are not only subject to national export controls, but also to the far more stringent US export controls.

Minimize your risks by assessing your goods against export control laws and adjusting your processes if necessary.

Meticulously prepared applications for export licenses require far less processing time than usual.

We work with you to develop solutions based on EU, US and Swiss export control regulations aimed at:

  • classifying goods according to the dual-use export lists;
  • determining embargo and sanctions list requirements;
  • integrating export control regulations into your process organization; and
  • introducing further IT solution developments;

Our consultants work with your employees to develop solutions tailored to your needs, while at the same time ensuring an optimal transfer of knowledge. If required, our expert control specialists can provide ongoing remote support thanks to Flexwork.

With consistent, legally compliant and proactive processes, you can turn regulatory barriers, which your competitors are also subject to, into a competitive advantage. 

Logistics Service Provider Management

Today’s global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented. Markets are volatile, competition is fierce, and customers have higher expectations than ever before.

Leverage optimization potential in cooperation with transport companies, warehouse service providers, customs agents and other logistics service providers.

As a “One-Stop-Shop”, Nesslog offers you coordination and management of your logistics service providers.

In service level agreements (SLA), we help document detailed measurable targets. Our SLA reporting makes it possible to identify and counteract deviations in a timely fashion.

Our standard operations procedures for logistics service providers describe in detail transparent processes and requirements, as well as the necessary tasks, timeframes, reporting and contact persons.

Your benefits:

We reduce your
costs in average by 10-20 %.

We ensure full transparency.

We help you better evaluate how your logistics perform.

Fixed logistics costs become fully variable logistics costs.

You will see no residual overhead costs in your logistics processes.

Flexible personnel: for periods when you do not necessarily want to recruit staff.

Professional management via SLAs and SOPs

Logistics and Customs Personnel Recruitment

So that fits together

30 years of experience in logistics, customs and export control form a solid basis for identifying the right logistics specialists and managers for you.

Our employees come from operational logistics and know the requirements from their own experience. This makes it easier for us to translate job descriptions into a suitable job profile.

Quality and reliability

Our work is based on absolute confidentiality and discretion towards customers and applicants. We only transmit personal data after explicit approval.

You don’t want to create unrest in the company through job advertisements? We advertise your positions discreetly and only inform applicants who you would like to get to know yourself.

We also recruit in Eastern Europe and offer the applicants you are interested in full-day German courses in the country of origin. This means that some positions can be filled quickly and inexpensively.

We offer “try and hire” personnel leasing and interim management for existing customers.

Company Foundation

How to reduce your costs

Countries such as Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria not only offer tax rates starting at 9%, but also offer well-educated, highly motivated and multilingual workforces.

We leverage the benefits in terms of taxes, wage costs and foreign language skills and gain additional flexibility.

Nesslog has a English-speaking partner network of

  • accountants,
  • legal specialists and
  • accounting companies,

who will take care of all of your legal and fiscal tasks for you in order to help you set up your business quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Our staff on the ground assists you in identifying the most suitable location and in finding the right properties.

Logistics Consulting Services

A global market with many different country-specific and regulatory requirements results in complex logistics processes. 

Meaningful solutions therefore require consulting based on a comprehensive view of logistics.

A comprehensive view is not confined to an analysis of all aspects of logistics, customs and export control organization. It also includes an evaluation of communication, IT solutions and service provider contracts.

We master theory and practice.

Our consultants are experienced practitioners who will advise you in an implementation-oriented manner. They are familiar with day-to-day business practices and know from their own experience what is required to implement revised strategies and adapt an organization.

Our 360-degree consulting includes the following areas

  • strategy
  • organization
  • technical innovation
  • optimization and risk potential

Consulting and making it happen

In order to implement logistics concepts from theory into practice experience in various sectors is required. Nesslog offers you the opportunity to support your employees during the implementation of new processes.

We turn theory into successful practice.   

IT Partner Agency – Quality IT Services

Benefit from our long-standing partner network of reliable and competent software companies.

Our partners cover every state of the art technology, and our partner network consists of software companies of various sizes. From SMEs with 10 employees to companies with over 750 employees. All of these companies combine expertise and experience. This also reflects their customer base, which includes many European and American groups.

We connect you to your digital future

Flexwork Remote Manpower Services

Temporary support without regulation

Temporary support is expensive and subject to certain legal regulations. The operating period is limited in some countries, and sometimes equal pay rule applies.

Ensure long-term flexibility with Flexwork from Nesslog. Our employees support you remotely from our offices and are also available to work with you on site on a weekly basis.   

With Flexwork from Nesslog, not only do you have experienced employees at your disposal, but also the freedom to avail of their services as you wish. On request, we can also document work processes and train employees who can fill in when your staff are absent. The above measures guarantee a smooth process.

Your benefits


Experienced employees


Permanent teams


Work and process documentation


High level of flexibility


Unrestricted duration


No legal requirements on salary levels (equal pay rule)


Short notice periods


Multilingual staff


Favorable hourly rates – no additional costs


No workplace costs


Detailed reporting

Examples of use:


Vehicle fleet management


Customs clearance


Customs tariffs


Travel management


Telephone and secretarial services


Customer Care


Project management support




Typing and mail service


Collection management


And many more……

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