Great Flexibility – High-Quality Service

According to a study by the Association of Personnel Managers (BPM), a lack of flexibility in companies is threatening to become a shortage of skilled workers in the digital age.

Short-term customer requirements, market fluctuations, periodic peaks, and downtimes are just some of the reasons that can demand organizational flexibility in companies.

With Flexwork Remote Services, we offer the solution for flexibility in Logistics and Customs.

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Great Flexibility – High-Quality Services

Nesslog Flexwork


We support from 1 hour up to 24 hours a day. You need support in the morning in logistics, at noon on the phone and in the afternoon in accounting? We got it covered. Staff shortages, projects, seasonal peaks or permanent additions to your staff – we are available to support.


Our employees can be booked for 1 hour daily and billed in 15-minute intervals. The hourly rates are based on the task and start from $25 per hour. In addition to direct costs, there are further cost reductions with Flexwork Remote Services. Costs of training for recurring tasks, which are only to be covered occasionally, are eliminated or significantly reduced.

Workplace-related costs

workplace-related costs can be reduced. Costs for office rent, desk, and computer, costs for your personnel administration –all these cost factors can be reduced significantly.

Quality is our Business Plan


We only employ experienced employees who have solid professional experience. All our Customs Specialists do have a Bachelor's Degree in Customs Administration. Professional experience, which is supplemented by professional and customer-specific training.
Quality is our Business Plan. We turn this assurance into reality through continuous analysis and training. Customer requirements are documented, and employees are supported in their day-to-day application of customer-specific procedures.


Flexwork Remote Services provides the transparency clients are looking for. Our clients know what is being worked on and can change work content and priorities at any time. Our detailed reporting, which is tailored to the client's needs, provides a customized view of work efficiency, costs, and quality.

Client Communication - Flexwork Nesslog

Flexwork Makes The Difference


We are available for you on a daily basis – 24/7. Just like for your own employees, you can schedule and prioritize tasks and employees. On request, we create work and process documentation. Tasks that recur at longer intervals can thus be carried out without a long start-up time and training.
Service-oriented: Our employees are available to you directly by telephone, email, or chat during the agreed service period. Always very friendly, helpful, and qualified.
Customer-oriented: Do you have to manage new requirements, working hours, or work content? We do our utmost to meet new requirements. We go the extra mile!
Always included: Our detailed reporting informs you about work volume and working hours, backed by corresponding data.
Always free of charge: Data and information are provided promptly and straightforward or make them available in the cloud.


We process your requests immediately and usually offer to start operating within 24 hours. Thanks to digital processing, we reduce your administrative effort to a minimum.
Documented work processes allow us to take on tasks without re-training, even for recurring tasks that are to be carried out again only after a few weeks or months.

Flexwork – How does it work?

The digital age demands digital solutions for work organization and collaboration. With Flexwork Remote Services, we offer flexible and transparent solutions helping to organize your operations with more flexibility and responding quickly to market requirements.

Flexwork – Your Advantages

Experienced employees

Our employees have several years of professional experience. 90% do have a Bachelor Degree in their area of operational responsibility. Due to the daily cooperation, we know their strengths and weaknesses and can use them where they benefit your needs best.

Comprehensive employee training

We train our employees professionally and customer-specific. In order to ensure uninterrupted service, we also train replacement staff who can take over if necessary.

Reduced training costs

By documenting the work processes, tasks can be “executed” even after months of interruption without having to retrain our staff. This shortens reaction times, avoids the need for re-training and reduces costs.

Short response times

Due to documented work processes, we are productive from the very first hour for recurring tasks without the need for a long training period.

Great flexibility

We support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Flexibility from one hour per month to the permanent assignment of tasks.

Permanent assignment

Since our employees are employed with us for an unlimited period, we can assign them permanently to you. This reduces the time and effort required for customer-specific on the job-training and education.

Work and process documentation

On request we document your workflows and processes. As a result, we can also take over recurring tasks, which occasionally have to be carried out at longer intervals, at short notice without the need for additional staff training.

Short notice periods

If activities are not already limited in time, customer-specific termination periods can be agreed. For temporary coverage of absence due to illness, we offer a termination period of 2 days.


Detailed reporting provides you with all the data you need to evaluate and control workflows in real-time.

Cost savings

The best way to avoid high rental costs is to have no rental costs. With Flexwork Remote Services, there are no workplace costs for renting, furniture, PCs, and other equipment. Cost savings have a lasting effect.

Nesslog Advantages

Higher Efficiency, Better Costs

We focus on the individual needs and requirements of every customer. Continuous improvement to optimize procedures, efficiency and costs of our customers is a part of Nesslog’s DNA. An efficient customs operation has an impact on the entire supply chain, improving delivery times, supply chain costs and customer satisfaction.

We Work Holistically

As a result of our holistic approach, all our employees receive training in customs and export control. In a global market, transport, customs and export control are inextricably linked. Through an analysis of your organization, we help you to use existing potential and identify risks. This has a direct effect on costs and quality.

Our Service is Holistic

We are not only at your disposal as consultants and service providers. With Flexwork – remote temporary support, you schedule and manage our employees specifically according to your needs. They are completely at your disposal. You benefit from unrestricted flexibility when it comes to scheduling your staff. Along the same lines – we are also happy to support you in filling your vacancies. Our employees are trained in operative logistics and know exactly what they have to focus on.

Quality is our Business Plan

We want to fulfill the expectations of our customers completely and go the extra mile where necessary. Therefore, we will understand and document your requirements as accurately as possible. On this basis, our employees are trained individually and specifically to serve each customer. For us, it takes the right qualification, dedication, and work satisfaction of our employees to accomplish customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Good and Reliable Partners are Key in Life

Our broad range of services is enriched by our network of partners who can leverage their own capabilities. This includes logistics and customs service providers, experienced legal specialists and tax advisors from various sectors and countries, software companies and international consultants. Our partner network also provides you with valuable services.

That's What Our Customers Say:




Nesslog was commissioned by us to organize the logistics of our expansion to Switzerland. This included organizing the transport of goods to Switzerland and the distribution of goods in Switzerland, customs clearance in Germany and Switzerland as well as the management of the logistics service providers. Everything operated smoothly from day one. The results delivered by Nesslog were absolutely satisfactory. Furthermore, Nesslog offers an excellent cost-performance ratio. I want to point out the exceptional customer orientation of Nesslog. I can highly recommend Nesslog.




Joachim Nesseldreher was the key adviser to Levi Strauss Customs operations management for 3 years as a subcontractor of our 4PL. During this time, he set up a professional customs operations throughout Europe, that worked efficiently and reliably. He fully understood the needs of Levi Strauss and supported with professional expertise. As a result of a drawback he filed with Customs, Levi Strauss could receive a substantial refund of customs duties. The cooperation with Joachim Nesseldreher was very customer oriented, pleasant and successful. He was dedicated to the needs of Levi Strauss at any time.




Josh Nesseldreher managed the warehousing and transport management of Lizell Office Furniture. He has a great ability to organize, motivate and accomplish goals. He acts customer oriented in the most efficient manner. He understands to improve service levels and productivity at the same time.




Joachim Nesseldreher was supporting us on improving Oerlikon Balzers global trade control management. He evaluated – according to our needs – Software to daily check our debtors and creditors with current blacklists. Together we reviewed 5 different SW-providers and came up with a perfect solution, in regards to costs, user-friendliness and best fit for our ERP system. We were more than satisfied with his quick and professional approach and are frequently asking for his support on other logistics and trade control topics. I can recommend Joachim Nesseldreher to any company that wants to make quick and cost-efficient progress in regards to global trade control.




We have been employing the Nesslog company as a telephone service provider for years and forward calls when necessary. The service is uncomplicated, reliable and very cost-effective. The employees are very friendly, supportive and always solution-oriented.




Nesslog Expert Services GmbH has provided us with excellent support over several years in advising customers and selling cruise holidays as part of the personnel service Flexwork Remote Manpower Services. After a relatively short training period, the employees assigned to the project performed their tasks in a professional, customer-oriented and highly committed manner. The cooperation with the assigned employees and the management was very cooperative, supportive and always characterized by the will to find solutions for upcoming challenges. Particularly worth highlighting is the excellent price-performance ratio and the special customer orientation of Nesslog. As the managing partner at the time, I can only emphasize how impressed we all were, especially our sales team, with the quality of the services.